1. We search pockets for lipstick, pens, change, etc.

  2. We inspect laundry for stains and pre-treat if needed.

  3. We identify and separate items that should not be washed together or need to be dry-cleaned.

  4. We use top grade detergent. If you'd like us to use yours, just bring it with you.

  5. We dry according to care instructions, or more importantly, your instructions.

  6. Items like button down shirts and creased pants are placed on hangers.

  7. All socks are matched.

  8. Washed, dried, and folded clothes are placed in bags and securely kept until they are picked up.

  9. Poly Clean Laundromat will notify you when your clothes are done and ready to be picked up.


  • Damaged Items – Poly Clean Laundromat will treat your clothing as though it were our own. Items damaged beyond normal wear and tear of washing will be replaced at a value not to exceed $50. The maximum amount that will be refunded for an entire load of laundry will be $100. Please be sure to inspect your laundry at pick up, any damage claims must be made immediately.


  • Lost Items – Poly Clean Laundromat does each load separately from start to finish. Poly Clean Laundromat can only be responsible for lost items if they have been noted during the drop off process. Make attendant aware if you wish to note any specific items.


  • Special Care – Poly Clean Laundromat washes all items in front-load washers and dryers, therefore it is assumed that all items submitted for wash and fold can be washed this way. Our attendants will inspect clothing prior to washing and drying for items that might be damaged in the normal procedure. Poly Clean Laundromat reserves the right to return items without laundering if we determine these items may be damaged during care.


  • Overage Rates – Poly Clean Laundromat will charge the regular rate of $1.25/lb for any pounds of clothing you bring in over your selected package.

501 Hannum Avenue, West Chester, PA 19382 (Located right before the Bradford Plaza)


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